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Dec. 2013: Not Intentionally Changing

Change is not always the solution to a dilemma. Sometimes, holding on, remaining tenacious, sallying forth, serves us much better. For instance, we ought not to necessarily dropkick relationships because they give us trouble. Most often, it behooves us to instead figure out what’s malfunctioning and to attend to those identified matters. Analogously, and graphically, we don’t cut off limbs when we receive a scratch on a finger or a toe. Consider that it’s far better, most often, to repair or to otherwise restore what’s lacking than to engage in severe choices.

In balance, the placing of one foot in front of another does, at times, evokes pain. It’s difficult, for example, to keep on keeping on in the arena of rewrites when we are so sure that our plot, our characters, our descriptive language, or our what-have-yous are fine, dandy, and otherwise paper trained. Yet, no writer worth his or her allotment of printer paper will tell you that he or she succeeds with first efforts. The best in the field have even been quoted as saying that they rewrite up to one hundred times! Expertise means being able to tell the difference among light values in scene building and the power to discern among subtle mood changes in protagonists’ behaviors. The solution to being tasked to redo is to edit better and to submit less frequently.

Similarly, the solution to most surfacing, i.e. to most issues of book sales, is marketing.

Razzmatazz is not only the province of high school cheerleaders, but also of word workers. It’s not fair for us to complain if we have failed to use conventional and social media, professional networks, industry insights, and more, to promote our products. “Popularity” is not only beauty queens’ concern, but also that of writers. Even if we could not care less (a dishonest claim in most cases) about bringing in dollars, euros, or yen, we need to care about remaining attractive to future publishers. Sound sales cull opportunities for additional books.

So, the hedgehogs and Yours Truly have a winter full of rewriting and of advertising ahead of us. It’s not so much that the greatest need around here is for to reinvent ourselves as much as it is for us to make our lines sharper and our voices louder.

Since my muses are imaginary, the work is up to me. While I’m hacking those specifics, please enjoy some tastes from November;

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