Teaching, Nonacademic

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

2013. Expressively Yours Writing Workshops. Retreat Leader. Writing the Blues of Tsfat. Tsfat.

2013-Present. OU Israel Center.  Workshop Facilitator. Tweaking Tone in Narrative. Rewriting. Humor in Literature. Character Development. Dialogue Writing. Jerusalem.

2012-2013. Expressively Yours Writing Workshops. Workshop Facilitator. Diction, Detail, and Other Minutia. Jump Starting Writing. Introduction to Poetry. Jerusalem.

2011-2012. Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. Workshop Facilitator. Storytelling. Flash Fiction. Character Development. Dialogue Writing. Descriptive Language. Plot Development. Creative Nonfiction. Jerusalem.

2009-Present. Dzanc Books. Invited Instructing Author. Flash Fiction. Short Stories. Nonfiction. Poetry. USA.

2008-2009. Expressively Yours Writing Workshops. Workshop Facilitator. Introduction to Creative Writing I. Introduction to Creative Writing II. Jerusalem.