Blogs and Columns

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010
Hannah can't keep her opinions to herself. For four decades, she's been paid to espouse her views on everything from llamas to lame rationale. She's written for many outlets, including: The Jerusalem Post (Israel), Natural Jewish Parenting (USA), The Mother Magazine (UK), and Kindred (Australia).

2010-2014. "Middle Eastern Musings." The Jerusalem Post.

2011-2013. "Life with Teens and Twenties." Natural Jewish Parenting.

2010. Speculative Fiction Literary Critic. Tangent. The United States.

2009 - 2011. Columnist. Wholistic Alternatives for Raising Children. "Concentrated Awareness." The Mother Magazine. The United Kingdom.

2009-2010. Blogger. Integrative Parenting. "Suddenly Teens." Kindred. Australia.

2009. Co-blogger. Intergenerational Discourse. "She Said: She Said." The Jerualem Post. Israel.

2008-2009. Blogger. Raising Teens.  "Stages, Teens." Type-A Mom. The United States.

2006-2009. Blogger. Rhetoric. Sociology. Parenting. Judaism. Lifestyle. "Old/New World Discourse." The  Jerusalem Post. Israel.

1985-1987. Features Columnist. The Jewish Weekly News. Springfield, MA.  The United States.

1975-1980. Teen Columnist. College Columnist. The Jewish Chronicle. Pittsburgh, PA. The United States.

1975-1977. Book Reviewer. Teen Columnist. The South Hills Record. Pittsburgh, PA. The United States.