Forthcoming Short Works

flower field

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010


2017. Oct. "Genetic Drift." Winamop.

2017. Sep. 30. "Ramfeezled." Brilliant Flash Fiction.

2017. Sep. "Fame and Fortune." Bewildering Stories.


2018. Mar. 14. "Social Tesserae." The Voices Project.

2017. "Omitting Sounds," "Tending Her Rows," and "Things that Chew." Placeholder Magazine.

2017. Dec. "Scree" and "Collocation." Tuck.

2017. "Soft Words and Whispers," "Jejune Options," and "No More Box Spring Wibbles." Bewildering Stories.

2017. Nov. "No Better than Drowned Kittens." Bindweed.