Forthcoming Short Works

flower field

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010


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2018. "The Greater Social Consequences of Perimenopausal Breakouts." Manawaker Studio's Flash Fiction Podcast.


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2018. "That Daring Duo." Gambling the Aisle.

2018. Feb. 5. "Entrepreneurs at More than Six Ebay Shops." vox poetica.

2018. Feb. "Least He Foment," "When Adopting Great Dangers," and "Clouds of Bad Attitude." Winamop.

2018. Jan. "Eighth Night." Deronda Review.

2018. "Omitting Sounds," "Tending Her Rows," and "Things that Chew." Placeholder Magazine.

2018. "Lacrimination," and "Succor." Pink Girl Ink.


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2018. "Miniature Worlds." Pink Girl Ink.