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© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010
National Endowment for the Humanities awardee, KJ Hannah Greenberg once filled her time lecturing on: ancient systems of rhetoric, communication theory, feminist sociology, the morality of discourse, instructional communication, and related topics. Whereas, these days, she's most content teaching creative writing, her Conversations on Communication Ethics, nonetheless, remains a respected contribution to research on the relative accountability of various cultural gatekeepers.

University Courses Taught:


The Rhetoric of Identity (also developed curriculum)


Introduction to Philosophy
The History of Western Thought
Understanding Humanity
Critical Thinking


Introduction to Sociology
Social Values and Popular Culture
Women in Society
Mass Media and Society


Communication Ethics (also developed curriculum)
Introduction to Communication Theory
Communication Theory
The History of Human Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Speech Communication
Organizational Communication
Argumentation and Debate
Introduction to Mass Communication


Introduction to Creative Writing
Creative Writing
Remedial Writing
Freshman Writing I & II
Rhetoric I & II (i.e. Integrated Freshman Writing and Public Speaking)
Expository Writing
Technical Writing
Introduction to Business Communication (i.e. Principles & Types of Documents)
Career Development


ESL Reading
EFL Reading
Remedial Reading
Introduction to Literature
Feminist Prose and Poetics

Secondary Education Courses Taught:

English: Curricula for Grades 6-12, also Journalism elective.
Math: Algebra. Geometry. Calculus.
Science: Biology, Ecology. Chemistry.
Social Studies: Curricula for Grades 7-8.
Senior Projects.