Awards and Honors

flower collage
© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

Writing Honors:

2017. 2nd Place. Flash Fiction. "One Impact of the Study of Biochemistry." Nano Text. Medusa's Laugh Press.

2016. May. Winner. Flash Fiction. "Just a Bite." Doorknobs and Body Paint. Hayward Fault Line.

2015. Dec. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Fiction. "Grit." Circleshow.

2015. Awardee. Fiction. "Elizabeth Steppe and the Observation Car." Best Story of the Year. Calliope (USA MENSA's literary magazine).

2015. Awardee. Poetry. "Abandoned in an Insane Asylum." Bewildering Stories. Editors' Choice.

2015. Awardee. Serial. "The Perils of Dr. Laura Whitfield." Bewildering Stories. Editors' Choice.

2015. Winner. Flash Fiction. "Competitive and Foolish." Doorknobs and Body Paint. Hayward Fault Line.

2014. Winner. Flash Fiction. "Ruminations." Doorknobs and Body Paint. Tapas.

2014. Awardee. Fiction. "Unlike Her Children." Bewildering Stories. Editors' Choice.

2013. Dec.  Multiple Awards.  Essay. "The Need for Staid Midlifers to Write Bizarro Texts;" Poetry. "Empty of Love and Money;" and Flash Fiction. "Becoming a Grifter." Bewildering Stories. Editors' Choice.

2013. Nov. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Poetry. "Silver Moss Fingers." vox poetica.

2013. Sep. Awardee. Poetry. "In the Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag." Bewildering Stories. Editors Choice.

2013. Award Nominee. Million Writers Award. "Defense." Bactrian Room.

2012. Sep. Blogger of the Month. The Jerusalem Post.

2012. Jul. Nominee. Best of the Net. "Halfway to Naked." The Camel Saloon.

2011. Nov. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Poetry. "Apple." Unbound CONTENT.

2011. Feb. Featured Poet. New Aesthetic.

2010. Featured Poet. Social-i Magazine. Vol. III.

2010. Jun. Poet of the Week. Poetry Super Highway. "A Response to a Potential Olah: Foo-Foo Ain't Worth Squat When it Comes to Kavanah."

2010. Mar. Awardee. Poetry. "Citrus-Inspired Ceramics." Bewildering Stories. Editors Choice.

2009. Dec. Awardee. Flash Fiction. "Opening Remarks in the Sociology Department" and "Little Life Alterations." Bewildering Stories. Editors Choice. 

2009. Nov. Pushcart Prize Nominee. Poetry. "Faltering in Ways Uncharted." The Shine Journal.

2009. July. Winner. Flash Fiction Contest. "To Pursue a Criminal." Strange Weird and Wonderful.

2009. March 30. Poet of the Week. "A 1950's Ae Freislighe: How to Get Your Girlfriend Pregnant." Poetry Super Highway.

2008. Nov. 3. Poet of the Week. "Alphabetical Trails" and "Baby Spits Peas." Poetry Super Highway.

Academic Honors:

1991. International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women.

1991. Summer Scholar. National Endowment for the Humanities. Princeton University. Classics Dept. Approaches to Language in the Greek Enlightenment.

1988. Top Paper. Theory Division. Basic Course Committee. Speech Communication Association, SCA.

1986. Summer Scholar. Freedom and Mass Communication. Freedoms Foundation.