Developing Works

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© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010

Developing Nonfiction:

"Avoiding Temptation: Saying 'No' to Unfavorable Book Contracts"
"Eating Fugu"
"My 'F' Word; 'Fifty' "
"Parental Boundaries"
"Writing as Therapy: What to do When Given Therapists as Students"

In Progress:
"Chores Chart"
"Deus ex Machina in Speculative Fiction as Writers' Sloth"
"Of Kindly Men and Imaginary Demonists"
"SEOs are Us"

Developing Short Fiction:

"Fancy Tea, Fancy Box"
"Old-fashioned Heroes and New-fangled Beasts"
"Once More with Love"
"Stanley, the Would-be Skybird"
"Ways Atypical"

In Progress:
"Herr Mittelmeister"
"The Ballad of Jeremy One Sock"
"Young Visitor"

Developing Poetry:

"Dancing the Motise and Tendon"
"My Mister"
"Puppy Dogs and Feral Cats"
"Salivating away Tension"

In Progress:
"Callow, Less than Internecine"
"The ABCs of Emotional Suicide"
"The City Man, The Lecturer"
"Writing Implements"

Short Story Collections:

Elizabeth Streppe and the Observation Car

In Progress:

Tawdrily Souvenirs
The Best Kinds of Trees
(children's stories)
The Ill-Advised Adventures of Jim-Jam O'Neily

Compilations of Essays:

Today, I Put Soap in the Bathroom
On Golden Limestone
Rhetorical Candy
The Nexus of The Sun, Moon, and Mother
Word Citizen

In Progress:
Aliyah and Then Some: Belles-lettres
Dreams are for Coloring Books
Little Smiles: Collected Witticisms

Oh Your Goodness! Derech Eretz Kadma laTorah
Validating the Cohort Life

Collections of Poetry:

A Grand Sociology Lesson
Communicated Childbirth Options (chapbook)
Dancing with Hedgehogs (chapbook)

In Progress:

The Beauty of the Flanders Rose


Ten Kilo and One Million
Upon the Lion and the Serpent

In Progress:
Twins in a Million
Anagorisis: First Blood
Stemosun: Second Blood
Aphusimus: Third Blood


In Progress:
The Lion's Share of Ourselves

Academic Books:

In Progress:
Morality and Meaning 
Rhetoric and Reason 
Validating Pregnancy Loss: Tending to the Soul