Developing Books

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© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2010


Ten Kilo and One Million
Upon the Lion and the Serpent

In Progress:
Cleome of Qqo
Do Not Compete with Evildoers
The Ill-Advised Adventures of Jim-Jam O'Neily
Twins in a Million

Short Story Collections:

Stanley Penguin, The Would-be Skybird (children's story)
Tawdrily Souvenirs

In Progress:
My Neighbor Judy (children's serial)
The Best Kinds of Trees (children's stories)
Walnut Street

Essay Collections:

A Glossy Coat of Guarantees
Characteristic of the Influence
On Golden Limestone
Rhetorical Candy
Simple Gratitudes
Today, I Put Soap in the Bathroom
Tosh: Select Trash and Bosh of Creative Writing

In Progress:
Little Smiles: Collected Witticisms
Characteristic of the Infuence
Oh Your Goodness! Derech Eretz Kadma laTorah
Whistling for Salvation

Poetry Collections:

The Orbit of Chairs
The Wife Mom
Things that Chew

In Progress:
Emotional Quandaries and Other Soft Targets


In Progress:
The Lion's Share of Ourselves

Academic Books:

In Progress:
Morality and Meaning
Rhetoric and Reason
Validating Pregnancy Loss: Tending to the Soul