Weekly Publishing Updates - 2014

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2011

Week of Dec. 28th:

*Poem. "Media Shamans" and "Sansen Sessions and Woodland Sprints."  Spark!

Week of Dec. 21st:

* Poetry Chapbook. Dancing with Hedgehogs. Fowlpox Press.
* Short Fiction. "Raising Literary Critics in Vain." The Shine Journal.
* Short Fiction. "City Man." 'Ol Chanty.
* Poetry. "My Words Preserve," "Alternate Childcare Providers Can't Feel Compelled," and "Feuilletos." Ken*Again.

Week of Dec. 14th:

* Short Fiction. "Their Aquarium Full of Millipedes." Winamop.
* Poem. "Forbs be Blessed." Winamop.

Week of Nov. 30th:

* Nonfiction. "Pleasure from Dangerous Reptiles Slithering under Trailer Homes." Festival Writer.
* Short Fictions. "Ruminations" and "Today's Weather: Pleasant, No Change in Temperature." Doorknobs and Body Paint.
* Poetry. "So Many Do-Bees," "Growing Like Lemongrass," and "Vendomatics in Urban Places." Rpt. from The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag (Dancing Girl Press, Sep. 2014). Bewildering Stories.
* Poem.  "Envied like so Many Flamingos Missing Carotenoid." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Nov. 23rd:

* Poem. "Freaky Frog King." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Nov. 16th:

* Poem. "For Arlene: On Condition of a Smile and a Giggle." Mad Swirl.

Week of Nov. 9th:

* Poetry. "Puppy Dogs and Feral Cats: An Urban Beddy-Bye" and "The ABCs of Emotional Suicide." Winamop.

Week of Oct. 26th:

* Nonfiction. "Mother's Mother." Parenting Express.
* Poem. "After Twenty Years, Towels Fray." The Camel Saloon

Week of Oct. 12th:

* Short Fiction. "They Planted a Tree." Winamop.
* Poem. "The Goody-Goody People." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Sept. 28th:

* Poem.  "Caught Muskrats." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Sept. 21st:

* Poem. "Underrated as Crummy Texts." Ygdrasil. 52.
* Poem. "Initially Thrilled to the Idea of Memories." Really System.

Week of Sep. 7th:

* Poem. "The Unsustainability of Bugs Tracking Bread Crumbs." Mad Swirl.

Week of Aug. 31st:

* Poem. "Psychological Trials." The Camel Saloon.
* Poem. "Regard Carefully. Winamop.

Week of Aug. 24th:

* Short Ficiton. "Married, but Lonely." Doorknobs and BodyPaint.

Week of Aug. 17th:

* Poem. "Clouds of Chicken Feathers." The Voices Project.

Week of Aug. 6th:

* Short Fiction: "Assistance with Quickly Becoming Unbearable." Bewildering Stories.

Week of July 20th:

*Short Fiction. "Harmatton." Winamop.

Week of June 29th:

* Nonfiction. "I Wanna be a Model." Vortice. 28-31.
* Short Fiction. "Unlike her Children." Bewildering Stories.
* Poem. “Even the Rainbow Tank’s Fish Saluted.” The Second Hump. Rpt. from The Camel Saloon.

Week of June 22nd:

* Short Fiction. "Matilda's Morning." The Cat's Meow. 69-73.
* Poem. "Even the Rainbow Tank's Fish Saluted." The Camel Saloon.

Week of June 15th:

* Poem. “Closed Caskets and Bullfinches.” Chanticleer Magazine/Ol Chanty. 21.
* Poetry. "Reluctant to Use Their Words," and "So, I Appreciate Brakes." Winamop.
* Poem. "Babies in Buggies." Riverbabble.

Week of June 8th:

* Poem. "Throughout the Beginning of Social History." The Camel Saloon.
* Poem. "Round, Pop, Shout." Mad Swirl.
* Poetry. "Online Housewife Evaluations," "Postmenopausal Polar Bears," and "A Middle Age Mom's Response to a Daycare Center's Shenanigans." BRICKrhetoric. 6-8.

Week of June 1st:

* Poetry. "Both the Investigator and Her Mother" and "Until Exhausted." Spark!

Week of May 25th:

* Blog Post. "Erev Shabbot."The Jerusalem Post.

Week of May 18th:

* Short Fiction. "The Equipment Maintenance Man." The Bactrain Room.
* Short Fictions. "Assigned Myself the Job," and "TJ Buttercup." Doorknobs and BodyPaint.

Week of April 27th:

* Blog Post. "The Not Flower Girl." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Our Quiet Reprisal." Poetry Super Highway. Yom Hashoah Issue.

Week of Apr. 6th:

* Poem. "Contemporary Coupling." Mad Swirl.
* Poem. "Amid Giants' Awkward Words." Winamop.

Week of Mar. 30th:

* Poetry. "The "Sanctity of Lists" and "Assistance with Quickly Becoming Unbearable."
Really System.

Week of Mar. 23rd:

* Blog Post. "Servant or Fool." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Mar. 16th:

* Poetry.  "The Center of the Universe." The Deronda Review.

Week of March 9th:

* Short Fiction. "Fancy Tea, Fancy Box." Winamop.
* Poem. "Deconstructing Literature's Intercultural Mythos." Hamilton Stone Review.
* Poem. "La! This Joy that is Spring." The Pavilion Magazine.
* Poetry. "Peach Pit Bridges" and "Hip Hop among the Branches." Spark!

Week of Feb 23rd:

* Blog Post. "Another Tekkes." The Jerusalem Post
* Short Fiction. "Yesterday's Plumbing" and "A Street-Crossed Lover." Doorknobs and BodyPaint.

Week of Feb. 16th:

* Short Fiction. "Replacement Parts." Stanley the Whale Classic: With a Twist Edition. Rpt. Stanley the Whale. Sep. 2011.
* Short Fiction. "Witches, Wizards and Watches." Bewildering Stories. Rpt. from The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles. Bards & Sages Publishing. 2013.
* Poetry. "Flames and Fires," "My Mister," and "Seltzer and Other Social Signifiers." Winamop.
* Poem. "Returning to Egypt with a Clean Lute." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Feb. 9th:

* Short Fiction. "Lacy's Toe." Bound Off! podcast.

Week of Feb. 2nd:

* Short Fiction. "A Little Off of the Top." Calliope. pp.18-19.
* Poem. "Conversation." Mad Swirl.

Week of Jan. 26th:

* Nonfiction. "The Name My Parents Didn't Use." bioStories.
* Poem. "Privileged Fear" vox poetica.
* Poetry. "For This Poetic Moment," "The Chicken's Lunch," and "Her Samurai Sheep's Revenge." Fowl Feather Review. 37-39.
* Blog Post. "Glimpsing Gan Eden through Other Jews' Virtue." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Jan. 19th:

* Poem. "The Egret Tree, South of Haifa." rpt from Citrus-Inspired Ceramics. Aldrich Press, 2013 and from Scribblers on the Roof. Jun. 2010. Winning Writers.
* Poem. "Pamela's Poem: Cabbage and Milk Thistle." Riverbabble.

Week of Jan. 12th:

* Poem. "About those Codfish." Bewildering Stories.
* Blog Post. "Generations." The Jerusalem Post.

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