Weekly Publishing Updates

© KJ Hannah Greenberg, 2011

Week of Apr. 6th:

* Poem. "Contemporary Coupling." Mad Swirl.

* Poem. "Amid Giants' Awkward Words." Winamop.

Week of Mar. 30th:

* Poetry. "The "Sanctity of Lists" and "Assistance with Quickly Becoming Unbearable."
Really System.

Week of Mar. 23rd:

* Blog Post. "Servant or Fool." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Mar. 16th:

* Poetry.  "The Center of the Universe." The Deronda Review.

Week of March 9th:

* Short Fiction. "Fancy Tea, Fancy Box." Winamop.

* Poem. "Deconstructing Literature's Intercultural Mythos." Hamilton Stone Review.

* Poem. "La! This Joy that is Spring." The Pavilion Magazine.

* Poetry. "Peach Pit Bridges" and "Hip Hop among the Branches." Spark!

Week of Feb 23rd:

* Blog Post. "Another Tekkes." The Jerusalem Post

* Short Fiction. "Yesterday's Plumbing" and "A Street-Crossed Lover." Doorknobs and Bodypaint.

Week of Feb. 16th:
* Short Fiction. "Replacement Parts." Stanley the Whale Classic: With a Twist Edition. Rpt. Stanley the Whale. Sep. 2011.
* Short Fiction. "Witches, Wizards and Watches." Bewildering Stories. Rpt. from The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles. Bards & Sages Publishing. 2013.
* Poetry. "Flames and Fires," "My Mister," and "Seltzer and Other Social Signifiers." Winamop.

*Poem. "Returning to Egypt with a Clean Lute." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Feb. 9th:
* Short Fiction. "Lacy's Toe." Bound Off! podcast.

Week of Feb. 2nd:
* Short Fiction. "A Little Off of the Top." Calliope. pp.18-19.
* Poem. "Conversation." Mad Swirl.

Week of Jan. 26th:
* Nonfiction. "The Name My Parents Didn't Use." bioStories.
* Poem. "Privileged Fear" vox poetica.
* Poetry. "For This Poetic Moment," "The Chicken's Lunch," and "Her Samurai Sheep's Revenge." Fowl Feather Review. 37-39.
* Blog Post. "Glimpsing Gan Eden through Other Jews' Virtue." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Jan. 19th:
* Poem. "The Egret Tree, South of Haifa." rpt from Citrus-Inspired Ceramics. Aldrich Press, 2013 and from Scribblers on the Roof. Jun. 2010. Winning Writers.
* Poem. "Pamela's Poem: Cabbage and Milk Thistle." Riverbabble.

Week of Jan. 12th, 2014:
* Poem. "About those Codfish." Bewildering Stories.
* Blog Post. "Generations." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Dec. 29th:

* Blog Post. "My Thursday Skirt" The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Whispers of Wilderness." vox poetica.

Week of Dec. 22nd:

* Photo. "Of Jasmine." Mused.
* Photo. "Greetings from Yemin Moshe Neighborhood, Jerusalem." The Camel Saloon Postcards.
* Awards.  Essay. "The Need for Staid Midlifers to Write Bizarro Texts;" Poetry. "Empty of Love and Money;" and Flash Fiction. "Becoming a Grifter." Bewildering Stories' Editors' Choice.

Week of Dec. 15th:

* Blog Post. "Call Me 'Savta.'" The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Certain Parameters." Mad Swirl.

Week of Dec. 8th:

>* Nonfiction. "The Need for Staid Midlife Moms to Write Bizarro Texts." Bewildering Stories.
* Fiction. "Ode to a Cockroach." Winamop.
* Poetry. "Blue" and "Despair." Spark!

Week of Dec. 1st:

* Blog Post. "Many Folded Fish in the Life of an Even Hashem and Frumpy Mom." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Nov. 24th:

* Poetry. "The Egret Tree South of Haifa,"rpt. from Scribblers on the Roof, "The Fire-Offerings of Israel," and "In a Jerusalem Women's Gym: Jews, Arabs and Ellen's 1,000th Show." rpt. from Supernal Factors.
Bewildering Stories. All excerpted from Citrus-Inspired Ceramics.

* Poem. "Fruit Loops are never Enough." Every Writer rpt. from Every Day Poems.

Week of Nov. 17th:

* Nonfiction. "Of Hedgehogs, Komodo Dragons, and Other Anthropomorphized Friends." Whimsical Words.
* Short Fiction. "Steps to Knowledge." Doorknobs and BodyPaint.
* Short Fiction. "The Chickweed or the Egg." Raphael's Village.

Week of Nov. 10th:

* Blog Post. "Testing, Testing ...1...2...3." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "I'm so Hungry I Could Sing About It: Empty of Love and Money." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Nov. 3rd:

* Short Fiction. "Becoming a Grifter." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Oct. 27th:

* Blog Post. "Reifying the Sentiment of Self." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "Home Coming." Literary Hatchet. 74-76.
* Poem. "Like is Because." Verse Wisconsin. 11.

Week of Oct. 20th:

* Poem. "Fruit Loops are never Enough." Every Day Poems.

Week of Oct. 13th:

* Blog Post. "Cosmic Acupuncture." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "The Lemur Cage." Winamop.

Week of Oct. 6th:

* Poem. "Eating Peas." Mad Swirl.
* Poem. "It's Easier to Sneak Boys In." vox poetica.

Week of Sep. 29th:

* Blog Post. "Rebranding." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Sep. 22nd:

* Poetry. "Forget Elastic: A Midlife Melody." The Voices Project.

Week of Sep. 15th:

* Blog Post. "The Increments of Tishri." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "Puppies' Playful Stance," "Starlight," and "Acquiring Provisions for Pets and Plants." Winamop.
* Poem. "In the Little Temple of my Sleeping Bag." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Sep. 8th:

* Short Fiction. "A Thing for Small Fish and Bendy Invertebrates." Doorknobs and Bodypaint.
* Poem. "Silver Moss Fingers." vox poetica.
* Poetry. "Patterning with Holes" and "Pregnant with Joy." Spark!
* Poetry. "His Renewed Acquaintance," "Employing Muster when Sending Extra Emails," and "Crocus Friends." Ygdrasil.

Week of Sep. 1st:

* Blog Post. "The Final Moments of Elul." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Aug. 18th:

* Blog Post. "She's Gone." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Aug. 4th:

* Blog Post. "Growing Pains." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "Twinkle Stinking Little Star," and "Donning Tallisms." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Jul. 21st:

* Blog Posting. "Smug." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Education Before Marriage." vox poetica.

Week of Jul 14th:

*Award Nominee. Million Writers Award. "Defense." The Bactrian Room.
* Short Fiction. "McCragherty and the Livestock Exchange." The Bactrian Room.

Week of Jul. 7th:

* Blog Posting. "The Heimishe Graduation." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Nonfiction. "A Round Peg: A Lament." The Shine Journal.
* Poetry. "Joggers' Chant" and "September." Winamop.

Week of Jun. 30th:

* Short Nonfiction. "Writing, Not Making Moonshine." Women on Writing.
* Short Fiction. "Barefoot Nuptials." Bewildering Stories.

Week of Jun. 23rd:

* Blog Posting. "What a Chuppah!" The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "Dumpster Blues." Raphael's Village.
* Poem. "Infatuation, More Honestly." vox poetica.

Week of Jun. 16th:

* Short Fiction. "A Few Indiscretions at Hampshire House." Winamop.
* Poem. "Short Decades of International Conflict." Haggard & Haloo. rpt. from Winamop. Dec. 2012.

Week of Jun. 9th:

* Blog Posting. "Gun." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Jun. 2nd:

*Poem. "Pillow Talk's Expediency." Bewildering Stories.

Week of May 26th:

* Blog Posting. "I Think I Can, I Think I Can." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "The Hands-Free Hair Rejuvenator." BRICKrhetoric. 23.
* Poem. "The Physical that Was You." vox poetica.
* Poetry. "Vendomatics in Urban Palaces" and "On a Rocketship to Jupiter." Vayavya.

Week of May 19th:

!!!!Two book contracts!!!!

* Nov. 2013. The Immediacy of Emotional Kerfuffles. Bards and Sages Publishing. Short Fiction Collection.
* Sep. 2013. Citrus-Inspired Ceramics. Aldrich Press. Poetry Collection.

* Blog Posting. "Vibing Higher: A Givati Hashba'ah." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "The Wrong Side of the Gurney." Doorknobs and Bodypaint.
*Poetry. "Unlike the Teenage Attitude Attributed to the Prime Minister's Dalliance," "No Atlatl's yet been Designed," and "Hatched Loved Ones." Literary Hatchet. 65, 74, 96.

Week of May 12th:

* Blog Posting. "Approaching the Height that is Torah: Using Our Toolbox of Good Choices." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of May 5th:

* Blog Posting. "Pain." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction; Vignette. "Ode to a Cockroach." Shortlisted for Vine Leaves Literary Journal. (Expenses Paid) Homeric Writers’ Retreat. Greece. 
* Poem.  2013. May. "Procuring and Adjusting Holiday Garments." Winamop.
* Poetry. "Rock is Home," "Loving One's Hevrusot: Authentic Brotherhood Evidenced at a Wedding," and " 'Retard:' Another Spoil of Child Abuse." Ygdrasil.
* Poem. "Redirecting Hurt." Visceral Uterus.
* Poem. "Those Intricate Pastel Patterns." The Camel Saloon. 

Week of Apr. 28th:

* Blog Posting. "Of Media Serpents." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "Proportional Verse,"and "Piaget's Sagacity." Etc: A Review of General Semantics. 70.1. 72-73. 
* Poem. "Another Win: Political Bedfellows." Etc: A Review of General Semantics. 70.1. 74. rpt. from World Salad Online. Oct. 2012.
* Poem. "Quaternary Glaciation in the American Midwest." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Apr. 21st:

* Blog Posting. "Marital Harmony." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Ah, the Aardvark: Classifying Chaos in an Urban Zoo." Qarrtsiluni.
* Poetry. "Each Elderly Face" and "Converse." Fowl Feathered Review. 43-44.

Week of Apr. 14th:

* Blog Posting. "Arrogance vs. Emunah." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "To Eat One More Bouquet of Ethereal Flowers:
Doggerel's Flophouse," "Crying on Borrowed Time," and "Tang Rather than Piquant
." Bewildering Stories. rpt. in book review of Intelligence's Vast Bonfires. (Lazarus Media, Dec. 2012).

Week of Apr. 7th:

* Blog Posting. "Counting up to Shavuot." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "Rogue." Winamop.
* Poem. "The Warrior's Mother." Mad Swirl.
* Poem. "Considerations for Yom Hoashoah: Better a Lion's Tail." Poetry Super Highway. Annual Yom Hashoah Issue.

Week of Mar. 31st:

* Short Fiction. "Amazing Deterrents." Bards & Sages Quarterly. 39-41.
* Poetry. "Enough Brittle Leaves: Fingernails on Chalkboards," "Arising to Grasp the Past," Paper and Kindred Devices," "Candy Corn Castles," "A Meadow Morning's Limitations," and "During Allegorical Surveys." Danse Macabre.

Week of Mar. 24:

* Poem. "Pigeons in Oakland." Chanticleer Magazine.
* Poem. "Sukkot Chicken and Fixings." Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag. 9.

Week of Mar. 17:

* Blog Posting. "Embracing Life on Hashem's Terms." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Mar. 10:

* Blog Posting. "Entitlement." The Jerusalem Post.
* Short Fiction. "Emily Writes." The Rampallian. 48-53.

Week of Mar. 3:

* Blog Posting. "In the Army, Now." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry."Bodies Roll," "Heart's Preamble," and "Growth." Winamop.

Week of Feb. 24th:

* Blog Posting. "The Beauty of a Little Good." The Jerusalem Post.
* Nonfiction. "Gravity Takes No Vacation." The Shine Journal.
* Fiction. "The Problem with the Retlins' Kind of Wealth." Weltkreig. Lazarus Media. rpt. from Danse Macabre. Nov. 2010.
* Photography Series. "Winter in the Lower Galil." BRICKrhetoric. 12-13.

Week of Feb. 17th:

* Blog Posting. "Distress." The Jerusalem Post.
* Fiction. "Indigestion." Big Pulp. 50-51.

Week of Feb. 10rd:

* Blog Posting. "Supporting the Local Economy." The Jerusalem Post.

Week of Feb. 3rd:

* Blog Posting. "That Most Important Reality Show." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poetry. "Pleasant Wishes, Little Kisses," "Fortuitous Wanderings," and "Here, Pingo Sits: Intragalactic Placement of Sentiment." Winamop.
* Poem. "It's Not About the Sex." The Camel Saloon.

Week of Jan. 27th:

* Blog Posting. "Bronchitis, Bacterial Complications, and Bigger Perspectives." The Jerusalem Post.
* Poem. "Falling Cradleless through Spring's Evening Boughs." Mad Swirl.
* Poem. "Fear Shrouds Me." RE/VERSE. Rpt. Ken*Again. Sep. 2012. 
* Poetry. "A Failed Test of Emunah: Tomorrow, I'll Eat Watermelon" and "Sway Incarnate." The Deronda Review. 27, 36.

Week of Jan. 13th:

* Poem. "As Obsessions Do." Unsere Winterreise: Our Winer Journey. Lazarus Media. 34-35.

Week of Jan. 6:

* Blog Posting. "Rerouting Talking Fish, Fidgety Parrots, and the Rest of the Menagerie." Natural Jewish Parenting.
* Blog Posting. "Rain." The Jerusalem Post.
* Fiction. "Two Salutory Tales." Winamop.